F O R E V E R L A N D    F O R E S T

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F O R E V E R L A N D   F O R E S T


In a modern house on the edge of Foreverland Forest, 11-year-old Susi and her little brother Johnny live with their mother Megan. Susi loves animals. Her late father taught her all about the endangered species. Susi's dream is to save the future animals of the Earth.


Megan is the Lab Director at Foreverland Forest Research Center. She and head scientist Dr. Mary Slater have been working exclusively on Project Regeneration, a privately funded effort to develop a method to regenerate endangered species in Foreverland Forest.


Tonight Megan and Dr. Slater are hosting their annual investor meeting, where they will announce an important breakthrough. Over the past year they have successfully regenerated several endangered species of animals sourced from their Cryogenic Zoo, a unique collection of endangered species samples frozen in liquid nitrogen. If they can convince their investors to fund Project Regeneration for another year, they are confident they can build on their C Zoo success and ultimately save the future animals of the Earth.


But evil Professor Rousseau has ideas of his own for the C Zoo. After the investor meeting he sends two of his henchmen to steal it. His plan is to regenerate the C Zoo animals in his own private forest on Cloud Mountain. But first he must bring back the blue sky by zapping the toxic cloud that hangs over the mountain with his Anti-Cloud Machine.


When Police Capt. Krispy learns of the C Zoo burglary, he vows in a TV interview to bring the perpetrators to justice. But he doesn't realize that if the temperature of the C Zoo isn't maintained at -320˚, within 24 hours the samples will be destroyed. If that happens, Project Regeneration will be terminated and the future animals of the Earth will be lost forever.


Susi doesn't have much faith in Capt. Krispy, who mentions that the burglars may be headed toward Cloud Mountain, so she decides to take action on her own. Both she and Johnny are determined to recover the C Zoo, so without Megan's permission they sneak out of the house after midnight to search for it.


Within minutes of entering the forest, Susi and Johnny are stalked by a wild tiger. They begin to think this wasn't such a good idea. Then they meet Mr. Greenleaf, a benevolent gentleman camping in the forest, who offers to help them get back home in the morning. Susi agrees, but Johnny doesn't want to go home, so before dawn he heads for Cloud Mountain alone.


In the morning Susi and Mr. Greenleaf realize Johnny is gone, so they set out to find him. They soon meet Lady Light, who grants Susi two sunshine wishes to help her recover the C Zoo.  Then they continue their journey, encountering several endangered species along the way. When they discover the Village Of Harmony, whose residents live in the 50th century, they learn the location of the Professor's secret lab.


Meanwhile, Megan discovers the kids are gone and she reports it to Capt. Krispy. But after several hours he has no luck tracking down the kids or the burglars, so Megan and her best friend Marla decide to search for the kids themselves. They eventually find Susi with Mr. Greenleaf outside the Professor's lab. They see Johnny and the C Zoo inside, but before they can make their move the Professor grabs them and ties them all up.


Counting down to solar noon, the Professor attempts to zap the toxic cloud once and for all with his Anti-Cloud Machine. Unfortunately his laser explodes, setting the lab on fire. In despair, he realizes his actions were a huge mistake. After a valiant effort to save everyone from the fire, he decides to do himself in. But Susi stops him by using her final sunshine wish. With Lady Light's help, Susi brings back the blue sky and the forest on Cloud Mountain miraculously comes to life.


In the end, Susi and Johnny are rewarded for recovering the C Zoo, Mr. Greenleaf and Megan fall in love (so Susi and Johnny will have a new dad), Professor Rousseau donates Cloud Mountain to Dr. Slater as a protected habitat for the C Zoo animals, Marla finds romance with Captain Krispy, and everyone sings and dances in celebration, knowing the future animals of the Earth are saved.